Stop Smoking For Life!

If you are serious about stopping smoking, I would really love to help you. I have 20 years expertise and experience to guide you from cigarette slavery to freedom.

When I first started helping people become smoke free with hypnosis. one thing became quickly apparent. Surprisingly apparent. They told me of getting through challenging moments; they spoke about the excitement, the natural pride of being cig free. Where were  the withdrawal symptoms?! The belief that stopping smoking involved enormous will power against overwhelming odds. We’ve all heard those terrible stories about how tough it is to quit- Sheer hell. ”I was climbing the wall”; “It’s all I could think off”. “If I didn’t start smoking again I was going to kill someone”.

So if quitting smoking is so unpleasant, how come my clients who had hypnotherapy to stop smoking don’t have these painful withdrawal symptoms? Is there something special about these people? Nope, I don’t think so because they came from all walks of life.

So what do they have in common? One thing is that with the help of hypnosis they didn’t ‘quit smoking’. They didn’t ‘give up cigs’. They didn’t just ‘stop smoking’. So what does hypnosis do for these smokers?

Firstly hypnosis connects with a healthy, positive and nicotine free future.

Secondly hypnosis connects you with the strength to say NO! Say no to that old pointless habit that simply doesn’t deliver what it promised. Smoking is like a cunning parasite which convinces its host it’s indispensable. It is TOTALLY dispensable.

No one ever regretted being a non smoker. If it was that good we would all have kept on doing it.

Thirdly, effort. Yes, effort is required. But what have you achieved in your life where you haven’t gone for what you want? Now you have the added power of hypnosis relaxing you into your healthy, happy future.

  • Used to think it’s a pleasure? Exactly what is pleasurable about smoking? What gets people sucking on carcinogenic  poisons  outside their office in the bitter cold? Enjoyment? The pleasure of smoking is like scratching an itch. No itch no pleasure.
  • Withdrawal will be painful? 20 years of helping people has shown me that physical withdrawal is a myth. It’s not the body, the heart, lungs and cells that miss smoke it’s the mind. Ever been ‘broken hearted’ and couldn’t imagine ever feeling happy again? Now you wonder what you ever saw in that person.
  • Imagine not having to pay your gas bill. What would that be like? Would you feel regret? No one ever regretted becoming a non-smoker.

Who do I help?

I have seen  hundreds of smokers free their lungs and breath clean, fresh air again.

I have helped all sorts of smokers – chain smokers, occasional smokers, housewives, house husbands, single, married, young, old, artists, writers, business people. What these people had in common was a desire for a better, healthier, freer richer and happier future.

The  system and cost:

Three hypnosis sessions precisely tailored for you to move off the old smoking routine to your new clean, healthy highway. You leave the first one as a non smoker. An appointment is made for a 3 month top up. Research has shown that after about 3 months of freedom and ease, is when ex-smokers get complacent.  The 3rd session is any time between then when you need a little extra boost.

Helping free you from the tyranical cynism of the smoking industry is personal. I am totally commited. In a stroke, this is the single most important improvement you can make to your health, not to mention your finances.

The fee is £235

“I am actually a non-smoker still!! No-one, including me thought I could do it (before I came to you)! I was such a smoker”! Gabriella P

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