Still Pond, Rushing River

Still Pond, Rushing Stream

Is not each moment a perpetual unfolding? An unfolding that has as part of its beauty and mystery the containing of completely different and opposing qualities. There is in each moment everything that has come before and contained within it everything that follows. And yet at the same time each moment is completely unique, stands alone unrepeatable. Each moment is completely still like a deep pool and at the same time as active as rushing stream.

Each moment in life is part of a stream of motion. There is no activity that doesn’t have a sense of direction. There is no activity that doesn’t have intrinsic to its purpose an eye to the sense of ‘future’. Even meditation which as I understand it is primarily concerned with bringing the attention into the present moment and experience ‘what is’ – Unhindered, non-directed by thoughts.

I don’t think any meditator would suggest that ‘what is’ is a static thing, a place of no movement a frozen moment.

There are as many moments as there are moments

There is a probability that we are part of not just in one universe but an unlimited number of universes or multiverse. And there is not just one moment we can live in, and infinite variety of possible moments we can live in. This moment – and it is only in this moment have we the potential to experience peace and happiness and this moment, is actually the sum total of our whole experience.

The ultimate purpose of stepping out of where we normally find ourselves and taking a snapshot of our lives or a part of it, with a view to setting purposeful direction is so that we will have more chance to live a life more gracefully. To live with more ease during the good times, share love, wealth where possible and be resilient in the difficult times.

If this is true then what capability do we have within us, what power to honestly, objectively and kindly view the elements of a dream or prized wish or want. Can you recall what it felt like as a child to lie in grass and watch the wandering of an insect or thick brush in hand mix water colours, engrossed in the magic of its changing; or hear the sound of the cold wind in winter musically rustling the dry leaves of a bush or bringing together and smelling the baking a first fairy cake etc.

There is a powerful natural resource so elemental and childlike that it is easy to overlook and that resource is curiosity. Considering where we are now and where we want to be and setting meaningful goals is curiosity in action. It doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be as creative as fashioning a priceless work of art and that work of art is our own brief beautiful life.

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