Life Coaching

Coaching will empower you to compose, meet and exceed personal and professional goals – This can include workplace challenges, intimate relationships, social confidence and creativity. Achieve what is possible of what is important to you.

Coaching is practical, providing you with the tools to positively tackle challenging situations, bypass limiting fears and emotions and develop a view of life with fresh, forward thinking and enlightened eyes. It is not about me and following my opinions or judgements but about developing a clear perspective, a structure for change and your empowerment.

At its heart resides the knowledge that you have within yourself the strengths and resources to meet your full potential.

I help people from all professional and personal backgrounds build on their strengths to exceed their limitations and make the most of their lives.

Basic assumptions of coaching

  • There is no right or wrong way of viewing life. some attitudess though are restrictive and  stop you becoming your potential.
  • You have within you the ability live a life that works.  You have the capability to break down self-imposed limitations about who you are and what you are capable off.
  • I’m a guide not an instructor. I don’t tell or show you what to do but help you make clear your goals.  I can provide the tools and support to achieve these.
  • I offer a structured, methodological down to earth approach based on tried and tested coaching practice.
  • Coaching focuses mainly on the future encouraging personal-development and self-improvement.
  • Coaching is about connecting and growing and getting immense pleasure at your transformation and success

How long are my coaching session?

I make sure that there is ample time in each session to discuss the difficulty, be clear about outcomes and develop practical solutions. This why I allow up to 2 hours the first one-to-one session. Subsequent session are up to an hour and quarter. Sessions can also be conducted  via Skype or Facetime. The time tends to be less. This is something we arrange as necessary.

What can I help with

I utilise effective techniques to help in all aspects of life. Whatever you are struggling with- whether it be confidence at work, passing a test, interview or giving presentations, sustaining an enduring love life, sticking to a diet or just realistically going for those things you’ve always dreamt about.

My approach is pragmatic and ‘you centred’.  Through questions and exercises, I will learn about how you see the world. The next step is to identify the most effective route to your goal.  Change can be challenging so fulfilling your goals is done at your pace. Goals are reduced done into bite sized chunks.  In essence each coaching relationship is individually tailored to you.

What is NLP?

I include NLP techniques because of their ability to positively resolve restrictive patterns of thinking and behaving. To find out more about what NLP is and how it works, please visit my full information page about NLP.