Creating good Relationships

Good relationships are essential to enjoying a good life. Whether it be the work place, socially or with friends and loved ones, how well we communicate is crucial.

You have probably noticed that people have different abilities of easy communication. The ability to give bad news; to manage another’s  heightened emotion or even hostility, resolving differing expectations; the giving and receiving of love.

A capable communicator doesn’t  just  convey accurate verbal information. They become adept at ‘reading’ the nuances of anothers emotional state.

What is good communication? How, in what ways, do we communicate? How to be in the best state for clear communication? How can feeling and emotions work for us in communication? There are as many ways of giving and receiving and sharing communicating as there are people. We are all unique and the ability to share our thoughts and feelings is one of life’s emotional riches and essential in most forms of success (Hermits excepted)

NLP and Hypnosis can help you

  • Be confident in social situations
  • Strike up a conversation with a stranger
  • Manage potential conflict
  • Make Non-verbal communication work for you
  • Enrich friendships and intimate relationships