Feeding the right wolf

A small child asked his elderly grandfather who was a Native American why there was violence and cruelty in the world. He said it was like two wolves fighting in the heart. One wolf is vengeful and angry and the other wolf was kind and understanding. The young child asked the grandfather which wolf would win. And the grandfather replied “the wolf that wins will be the one that is fed”.

I love this story because it seems to get to the heart of the predicament we find ourselves. Much of what happens is outside our control. Like day and night, sun and moon, yin and yang the forces of creation and destruction abide. There is always the opportunity to create good or bad, happiness or unhappiness.

Where we come in and make the vital difference is where we put our attention and decide our actions.

This battle within may be some times as fierce a two wolves or more often just be as simple as choosing to move toward healing and affirming life.

But the responsibility is always ours to make a choice of which one we feed. We cannot plan for every eventuality but we can take stock and see what is important to us and in doing so distinguish our path ahead.

This where having an understanding about what our essential human needs are is so useful. If we recognise and honour our needs for the essentials they are then we have an excellent template for making the choices and responses that serve us well, that do justice to ourselves and those people important to us.

When we see how these needs translate vividly in our own day to day lives, we can actively meet these needs and feed the right wolf.

On the 27th of July in Brighton I am holding my Human Needs Masterclass. This approach not only provides a template for ‘good’ living but is invaluable for providing a comprehensive structure to therapy.

For details follow this link: Human-Needs-Masterclass

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