What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an abnormal response to perceived stress or danger. It is an inappropriate expression of the body’s natural ability to mobilise the ‘flight or fight’ pattern. The problems arise when this response is out of proportion to the actual danger of the situation, or the danger has passed or indeed is generated when there is no danger at all. Because the threat is not ‘externally real’ then the sufferer is unable to resolve it.

How is it Resolved?

Hypnotic trance or guided visualisation works so well with anxiety in whatever form it comes. This is because it draws on the brains natural ability to separate the feeling from the memory of a past trauma or worry about the future.

The advantage of hypnosis over just talking about the problem is that hypnosis allows you to take a good look at the issues in a comfortable state of mind. From that comfortable state of mind changes can be made that result in its resolution and return to the ability to maintain calm.

  • I will teach you how to control the symptoms of anxiety and use these skills as you go through your normal day
  • Gentle guided visualisation is used to re-establish a powerful connection with a calm resilient state of mind
  • These skills will be your skills for life which you will build on daily, become stronger and stronger
You’re Not Alone

Anxiety is extremely common; in its various forms it is probably the most common problem presented at a ‘general psychotherapy practice’. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people in the UK is suffering from some form of anxiety.

Anxiety conditions I have successfully helped resolve:

  • General anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Panic attacks
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Phobias – Agoraphobia; social phobia; emetophobia; choking phobia; claustrophobia; injection phobia; blushing phobia; spider and insect phobia; flying phobia; dental phobia; medical intervention phobia etc
  • OCD
  • Public speaking
  • Interview performance
  • Driving test worry
  • Exams and Tests anxieties
  • Sports performance


Rewind Technique

Of a wide number of strategies that can be chosen to resolve anxiety and worry, one of the most effective is the ‘Rewind Technique’.

This is a simple and effective way of disconnecting the fearful feeling of an overwhelmingly experience from the memory of the event.

It draws on the brains ability to ‘mix and match’ its way of remembering things. In so doing the experience is moved from the part of the brain it is stuck in (Limbic) to the part it can be safely filed way (upper brain function).

The result is that a past bad experience is no longer recalled with the unpleasant feeling when the memory is triggered.

The technique is also effective for positively rehearsing a future challenge.

“….thanks I’ve been remembering to breathe properly and its helped massively thanks so much, u were brilliant, if I need a session again I will be in touch, many thanks” – Audrey T