It’s not what has happened to us, but how we respond now that is the major influence on our future happiness.

I have found that the majority of people do not require a long drawn out and expensive process. Skilful hypnotherapy can fast track you to a positive outcome.

Hypnosis is not weird or wacky. It is simply the place you go when you are lost in thought, memory or imagine the future. Hypnotherapy employs this ability to dissolve unwanted attitudes and behaviours and reconnect you with the strengths and abilities you undoubtedly possess.

Successful therapy is:

  • Clear and unambiguous
  • Respectful, supportive and collaborative
  • Forward rather than backward looking
  • Solution rather than problem focused-The answers are often  closer than you think.
  • Brief-The majority of issues are resolved in 2 to 4 session

“The purpose of therapy is simply to get better at enjoying life”